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The Police Specials forum is primarily aimed at members of the Special Constabulary, the UK’s volunteer police service. With news debate and conent specific for the special constabulary it really is a fantastic archive of rich history. This is again one of our most active communities which oozes enthusiasm that is clearly contagious from its membership.

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The Police Specials Forum has been in existence since 2003 where it started with no membership and no content. Since this time it has grown to be one of the busiest online policing forums throughout the UK. It was founded by a special constable before being purchased by RAW Digital Media Limited.

The forum hosts the latest news, debate, and points of interest in relation to policing and the special constabulary. It has an extensive downloads repositary and over 1 million content items which makes it a hive of activity and a great place to advertise your products.

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